Restaurant Business Solution



A chain of family restaurants was struggling financially and was in need of operations analysis, its own independent identity and brand differentiation.




Designed and implemented customer surveys to gather socio-economic status and demographical information on existing customer base.


Performed conjoint analyses to detect at a micro level product preferences and unmet needs within the customer base.


Conducted focus groups/in-depth interviews of existing customer base.


Conducted descriptive statistical analyses of 3 years of sales data to detect sale trends and patterns.


Conducted financial analyses of operations and developed financial strategies.




  • Research revealed that 85% of the current customer base was seasonal residents. These findings led to a local marketing initiative that created an increase of local customer base by 35%.


  • Research findings resulted in product development, new services, the enhancement of existing services, the design of coded collateral material that allowed for the tracking of penetration rate and return on investment (ROI).


  • Research findings led to strategic discount and promotion initiatives that increased sales transactions by 50%.


  • Financial analysis led to the development of strategies that decreased monthly operating expense by 23% and increased monthly gross revenues by 31%.


  • Researched and negotiated prices with vendors yielded a monthly cost of goods savings of 40%. Researched competitors’ pricing and developed a pricing strategy that was comparable, but would allow maximum return on investment (ROI).



The business has since gained and maintained a strong market presence, been renamed and branded with all collateral material and menus bearing the new brand. The store is currently operating with high cash-flow, liquidity and low to moderate leverage.



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