Economic Initiative Market Research



The second largest city municipality in the State of Florida and a national non-profit that focuses on financial literacy established a strategic partnership to eradicate financial illiteracy within the target City, but were unclear in regards to where to establish the financial literacy service centers and what financial literacy services the community would support.




Conducted descriptive statistical analysis, correlation matrix analysis and developed and administered a survey instrument.


Developed and implemented marketing strategies for the full service business model.




  • Research resulted in the development and implementation of a full service business model that provides on-site financial literacy education and services to approximately 95% of the targeted city’s residents.
  • Research findings yielded the top five (5) financial literacy service offerings of greatest community interest and support.


  • Marketing strategy resulted in an average monthly service increase of 28% and acquisition of eleven (11) volunteers.



The program’s year one goal was exceeded by 117.0%. The city municipality’s economic development initiative is ongoing and being supported by the residents of the target city. The business model has garnered interest from the nation’s city/county municipalities looking to remedy similar economic issues.


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