Association Membership Acquisition, Retention & Engagement



An association was struggling to acquire new members and retain and engage current members, which has led to annual loss in membership by the hundreds and the imminent demise of the association. The association needed to find the root of the problem before its current membership expired.




Conducted descriptive statistical analyses of the association’s historical membership base to ascertain membership demographic, member association tenure, membership type.


Conducted focus groups/in-depth interviews of existing membership.


Designed and administered membership survey instruments to gather member’s unmet needs and membership perception of the association.




  • Research revealed that 84% of the current membership has poor attendance or have never attended a monthly association meeting. Thirty-seven and a half percent (37.5%) of the current membership stated, “meeting times are not known or there are no meetings” as the reason for poor attendance or never attending monthly meetings and 16.1% of the current membership stated that the “meeting venue is too far attend.” These findings have led the association to develop an avenue to communicate more effectively with its current members.
  • Research revealed that 74.1% of the current membership are looking to gain from their association membership “professional development & networking opportunities.” These findings have guided the association in the development of networking events and more professional development offerings during the year to engage the current membership.



The association is in the process of developing initiatives to engage its current membership, attract & acquire new members and increase its membership perks via strategic partnerships with businesses and corporations that want access to its membership base.

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